Why Yes, That Blog Post Can Help You Get a Job!

Just a decade ago, blogs were the new medium on the block. In my generation, they were used to vent about the day, stalk a school crush and share content. While generations after have continued this trend, blogs have also become an important aspect in careers: a blog is a crucial tool in the job hunt.

Speaking to students about blog jobI speak to many recent graduates in this tough job market. New graduates have the toughest time being able to find work, and it’s perfectly understandable: fresh talent, while cheap, is also a risk that some are unwilling to take. As a new graduate, it’s important to be able to explain to companies why you are a risk worth taking. Nowhere better is this than blogs!

Are you still on the fence as to why you should start a blog for your career? Consider the following reasons:

  1. Blogs makes you look professional: We’re not talking about your angst but rather your career interests. When you link your blog to your LinkedIn account or other professional profiles, you make it known that you are passionate about your topic, and are inviting potential recruiters and future co-workers to read into your ideas.
  2. Blogs makes you look passionate: Blogs are great tools to show your observational side. So much of the professional world requires that individuals are able to analyze, observe and draw conclusions. Can you do that? If you can, a blog is a great idea.
  3. Blogs builds your personal brand: I’ve blogged many times here about personal branding, and a blog is a perfect starting point for just that. Blogs serve as an excellent arena for stakeholders like recruiters, or your boss, to examine when they want to remember who you are, or to justify a new hire.
  4. Blogs builds your network (or “tribe”): Networking, as I have explained on this blog many times, is an important activity to partake in. Many bloggers out there are members of “tribes” where they help share each other’s content. In that process, you might just find that person who helps you out.

If you’re ready, it’s very simple to get started! Whether you’re using Tumblr (like me) or another software like WordPress or Joomla, each can have the power to help you get where you want to go.

Happy blogging!

Do you have a personal blog? Have you thought about starting a new blog? What has stopped you from doing it so far? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Tony Restell says:

    I couldn't agree more! Earlier in the year I wrote a post called "Forget LinkedIn Profiles – What Your Career Really Needs Is…." ( http://www.social-hire.com/career–interview-advi… ) -> with the conclusion being that you should write a blog to further your career. My reasons were not dissimilar to yours:

    1. Your blog conveys your passion for a topic and gives a recruiter a far more compelling picture of you than a simple resume or LinkedIn profile.

    2. Your blog will self-propagate to reach an audience of interested parties, building your reputation over time and spreading your name through social media in ways that weren't possible even a couple of years ago.

    3. Your blog allows you to showcase your personality through your style of writing – and more importantly, through the subsequent interactions you'll have with people commenting on your blog posts.

  2. As with Tony, I couldn't agree more. I will be forwarding this post to a University Professor of Finance friend in the belief that her student's post graduation prospects for landing a great job might very improve were they to become skilled in the fine art of blogging now. Thanks, Albert, for sharing your wisdom.

  3. Great info! I often blog just get out some creative energy but its nice to know that it can affect my career positively and not just be a side gig!

  4. Albert, love the post. Only thing I would add…#1…that works if you blog about professional relevant topics. One might think that that need not be said, it's obvious, but I have found…never assume anything. I love the risk factor, great point. Starting and maintaining a blog takes work, and I would think that perspective employers would understand and appreciate that factor. Nicely done Albert, a pleasure to share….

  5. I was offered a great job because of my blog, so I totally agree with your points. Exposing your ideas, writing and presentation skills online puts your expertise is right out there to be seen by potential employers.

  6. @Sherree_W says:

    Albert, as usual, another awesome post (I'm loving Steamfeed as well), but I do have a question. Not everyone has a "professional" blog. What would you suggest for the person with a "personal" blog.

  7. Daniel Hebert says:

    Great post Albert!

    I'm a big believer of using a blog as a means to showcase your knowledge and skills. It's a great way to build essential skills in today's marketplace, and you get to build an online portfolio at the same time. Great tips :)

  8. Absolutely agree! Blog might be a great extension to resume. Thank to the blog we can build a personal/professional brand – and I get it, it can't be done over the night but still it's worth it

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