The Importance of Social Media Content Calendars

Social media can be quite an overwhelming to-do list of items. One can easily be buried, never to be seen again.

Whether you work in business to business or business to consumer or even consumer to consumer, social media is a daunting task of content, engagement and creating an experience that facilitates the customer journey. Where engagement can be rather simple in starting, continuing or taking a conversation to the next level, content is difficult. There are always many options for content, whether this be video, podcasts, written blogs, or photos.

Content Calendar

Introducing the content calendar!

Content calendars are a staple of the social media content marketer. Underutilized, social media content calendars are one of many ways for marketers to stay focused and organized on how they market to their audience. Taken to its full potential, a social media content calendar will help marketers stay on task so that they can focus on all the other things that they need to do.

Some tips on creating a social media content calendar:

1. Work with a schedule that works for you: Some marketers can get away with pushing content at least once a day, some more. Others find themselves so busy that pushing content once a week is optimal. Whichever the case, work with a content schedule that works for you and does not leave you stressed.

2. Figure out what content works best for you: Some people look great on video, others not so much. Some people have great voices, and others not so much as well. Figure out what content works best for you and go from there. If that type of content creation allows you to be efficient, move forward with it!

3. Have Fun: Putting together a content calendar allows for creativity, such as planning your next campaign or creating a useful series to educate others. Make sure you have fun – and you will! The burden of creating great content will be lifted off of you, now that you know what direction to move forward in!

Do you use a social media calendar? Leave a comment below!

Albert Qian
Albert Qian is a social media professional working, living and playing in Silicon Valley. He got his start in social media by working for Santa Clara University and jumping into Facebook pages in May 2009. Ever since, he has been engrossed in social media, marketing, program management and consulting for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and individuals looking to learn more social media. On his free time, he enjoys hiking, bowling, eating out at new places and traveling. You can learn more about him on his blog.
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  1. Excellent advice Albert, I have all my clients completely scheduled out as to "working" the account, what time frame on a particular day of the week, as well as what is going to be addressed within that time frame. I understand the importance of being organized, it really makes a difference. Stay tuned to SteamFeed for a blog I recently finished about a great organizational tool I use…..have a great day my friend…

  2. What calendar tools do you use or are you just building custom spreadsheets or using gmail calendar etc

  3. jacobkcurtis says:

    Hey Albert,

    Your opening paragraph had me rolling! "One can easily be buried, never to be seen again." Love it!

    Having a social media calendar puts some form of organization into your marketing efforts. This should be established early and NOT developed when you start to feel overwhelmed. Especially if you're flying solo.

    One thing a content calendar also creates (Let's say in this case Facebook) is a consistency with your audience and your content. For example, if you consistently release a comic on your Fan page every Wednesday this can stimulate a routine in which your fans will continuously come back to your page each Wednesday for a comic. Holy engagement Batman!

    Imagine that…your fans can now rely on your established schedule and be excited to return each week to consume your content, because they KNOW it will be there! Coin a term like "Comic Wednesday" to help build the weekly association as well.

    This presents a problem though, if you start to build that routine you better stick to it and not let those same fans down.

    Then again, that goes back to your point about working with a schedule that works for you that you can keep up with and doesn't stress you out.

  4. Jen Walker says:

    I don't currently use a calendar but I do plan. I am looking to add a content calendar to my planning to help plot out continuity between my posts!

  5. SEO Buzz Internet Marketing says:

    Social Media Content Calendars are critical. Especially if posting for a client because you want buy-in before you post! I recently shared how to make a social media scheduling template using Excel on Teal Orbit's blog: Hope this gives some ideas for everyone! (Note that the headings did not make the post so just take your time reading thru because there are no visible breaks in the steps…sorry!).


  1. [...] Social media can be quite an overwhelming to-do list of items. One can easily be buried, never to be seen again.  [...]

  2. [...] Social media can be quite an overwhelming to-do list of items. One can easily be buried, never to be seen again.  [...]

  3. [...] Social media can be quite an overwhelming to-do list of items. One can easily be buried, never to be seen again.  [...]

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