Put A Kink in the Hose With 3rd Party Apps

I’ve recently started to do a clean up of the people I follow on Twitter.

I have been getting rid of the “Fire Hose-ers” – the people that Fire Hose are the ones who will post a whole days worth of Tweets all at once. These are the people who you know the moment they get on Twitter and the moment they get off. Your stream will be barraged with Tweets from them and if you notice, they are all just outgoing posts – not conversation.

Now, I know not everyone is able to spend all day long on Twitter, or any other social media platform for that matter, but there are ways to prevent this invasion of the streams.

These apps will help you to spread out the content you want to post throughout the day. By scheduling (NOT automating) your posts, it will help both you and your community. By spreading your content out, it will not annoy your followers by having a stream full of you, and all of your blitz tweets. This also helps you out by reaching more people at different times of day.

Many of the above listed 3rd party apps will examine your Twitter followers and schedule posts when they will have the most impact. These apps can also help with follower analysis and other analytics as well, like the amount of clicks your tweets receive.

One thing to remember when you are scheduling your posts, is that you can not schedule and walk away. People will be replying, sharing and commenting on those posts. You must be around to reply to them! Check back to your notification stream regularly or set up email notifications to let you know when people are engaging with you. Keep the conversation alive and going!

What’s your advice when it comes to scheduling posts? Please leave a comment below.

Carrie Keenan
Carrie Keenan is the Social Media Community Manager for Thill Logistics, Inc. out of Neenah, WI (@ThillLogistics). As a professional whose primary responsibility is working in digital media and audience building, Carrie has a lot of insight and information to share about how to professionally represent your organization online. Carrie is also actively involved in the Wisconsin Irish community as the chair of social media for Oshkosh Irish Fest, a member of the Shamrock Club of the Fox Cities and enjoys assisting these Irish business owners and groups (@OSKIrishFest @McGuinness_Pub) with social media.
Carrie Keenan

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  1. Mallie Hart says:

    Sing it, sister! Burst or blast posting a barrage of links and motivational quotes in a several minute time span is one of the speediest (and seediest) ways to get my mouse ready to click "unfollow".

    • CarrieJKeenan says:

      It is just insanity! Hopefully the people that do that just don't know that they have an opportunity to do it another way and are not just setting up RSS feeds to post automatically! Ah, Carrie – ever the optimist. :)

  2. b2brookeballard says:

    Amen, lady! I call it "rapid fire" but it's the same concept. It's so lazy! It makes me think the person was like, "Oh, time to do my "social marketing" on Twitter today!" And then runs out and RTs or posts all at one time so they can get back to their other stuff. Really?!

  3. maggie says:

    Thank you Carrie. While I certainly appreciate the point of view of spacing out tweets, especially if they are of the "outgoing not conversation" type; as a good biz practice; I'd like to mention my personal experience.

    I actually prefer to get "hosed": ie get a group of tweets from one person/account all at once. It makes it easier for me to follow that person's train of thought; what's on their mind; what they are finding interesting, etc. I follow a variety of interests/people; anything from socialmedia, politics, tourism, poetry, etc etc; and trying to read my twitter stream, with a constant mish mash of all the various topics; from such a wide variety of ppl/topics is "noisy" and frustrating.

    In fact, I only occasionally follow my general twitter stream; instead I have hootsuite tabs/, where I can update myself easily with the ppl/biz I most want to follow or am interested in at the moment. I find it way easier to follow that person's train of thought/interests if I see a day or a week of their tweets all at once; than various in/out interspaced tweets in my mainstream (which I may or may not even catch)

    Call me a dedicated "uni" tasker – lol,

  4. djthistle says:

    Nice post Carrie. A great reminder for me. Sometimes at the end of the day when I'm trying to catch up on my "thank you" and "retweets" I tend to do them all at once. I'm going to be much more aware of my practices now. Thanks. :)

    • maggie says:

      As I commented above, I, personally would MUCH RATHER you clump your tweets together… That way I get to know you… who you're talking to/what you're talking about… if you intersperse them throughout my main stream… all continuity and many of your tweets are lost…( unless you are one of my faves whose tweets I follow independently.. IMO :)

    • ideagirlmedia says:


      When you're replying on Twitter, it's a little less intrusive to your followers. But you should be mindful. Now that Hootsuite offers an "auto-schedule" feature, it helps a lot!

  5. Kittie Walker says:

    I adore Buffer and Sprout Social. I actually think that the team at Sprout Social are doing an amazing job of slowly putting together the functionality that will result in a workable and comprehensive social media dashboard. I'm a HootSuite user, but it's just seems to be getting clunkier and clunkier! I've used a variety of others as well, but I do think Sprout is the one to watch!

    Thanks for those timely reminders Carrie…

  6. I just wrote a post today about posting overload! I included not only Twitter, but Facebook and Pinterest as well. Glad you offer a solution, or two or three or four for those who overload the feed!

  7. ideagirlmedia says:


    Nice one! There are actually folks considered "social media leaders" that I've unfollowed on Twitter due to "firehosing."

    On Facebook, there are also pages I've unliked, as there were just a bunch of Hootsuite auto-feeds coming out about once per hour. Too much!

    There are certainly tools to help us distribute content in wise ways. I'm not at all a fan of Tweetdeck, but I like Buffer. I'm a Hootsuite user, but agree with Kittie that it is getting clunky sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing,


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