#SMrebelsHelp – New Twitter Chat And Community Aims To Help Startups And More

I get a lot of startups, charities and individuals that reach out to me for help. Most of the help they ask is centered on questions about effective social media practices, but some also ask for help promoting something. Clearly, the later of these two requests can be extremely problematic, especially if they have not done social media relationship building FIRST. But it got me thinking…

Over the weekend I had an idea I am calling #SMRebelsHelp. The Hashtag, twitter chat, and community is designed to help promote something for others – giving back if you will. The community might help someone that is trying to win a contest, a small business trying to get nominated for something, a person getting bullied online, a venue to help promote something that is new or even a way to help a start-up launch. From businesses, books, to charities and a whole lot in between - the idea here is a giving back and social good scenario, designed to simply help others.

The new community would involve a few specific things:

1) A Hashtag for tagging your content and content of others: #SMRebelsHelp = Social Media Rebels Help, and is a variation of the #SMrebels hashtag used by the SteamFeed community.

2) Weekly Twitter Chats – Chats will be held Weekly on Monday evenings from 6pm to 7pm PDT (US Pacific Time)

3) A weekly promoted cause/business/person/etc. – Submissions will be accepted via the SteamFeed cause submission. You can also find it in the #SMRebelsHelp tab in the navigation menu.
SMRebels Help

4) A way to tag something someone needs help with in real-time. Are you being bullied? Have a new product? Announcing something new? Hashtag it #SMRebelsHelp. Individuals can decide to share it as they wish. (Spamming will not be acceptable)

After discussing the idea with the SteamFeed founders and authors, we have agreed on the following process:

1) Businesses and Individuals can make a submission to be a feature for a weeks promoted “thing”, using the form on the SteamFeed website.

2) SteamFeed authors will vote on the submissions and select the ones that will be corporately promoted via a blog post, shares, and tweet chat.

3) Selected submissions will have a post written about them by one of the SteamFeed authors and be a guest on that weeks twitter chat.

*Note - People will be able to tag other posts at anytime with the #SMRebelsHelp hashtag, allowing people in the community to see it and share the content if it is found to be interesting.

With that said, here is our first #SMRebelsHelp item.



Meet @AmyTippinsModel a transplant survivor and the founder of Rock Scar Love@RockScarLove inspires and heals lives through clothing. They help people celebrate their scars in a sexy way.

Here’s a quick video produced by Rock Scar Love:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQzAyy83BAA?rel=0&w=560&h=315]


Rock Scar Love sends a positive, inspiring, uplifting message of self-acceptance of internal and external scars that changes the “mainstream media’s” message of beauty and sexiness. Their apparel products help people accept their own scars, while helping others heal theirs. When customers buy and wear Rock Scar Love clothing products, they are not just celebrating themselves; they are sending an outward, positive message of self-acceptance and empowerment.

15% of Rock Scar Love’s gross sales are donated to transplant, children’s and cancer charities and their clothing and accessories are in multiple boutique’s with their primary sales coming from the http://RockScarLove.com website. They also carry products such as awareness jewelry, plasexy lipgloss, etc., purchased from other small business owners.

Help Needed:

Rock Scar Love is trying to win a $25,000 FedEx grant that will be given to one small business in the US.  The voting ends on Nov 24th. FedEx will announce the top 100 companies in December and will announce the winner in January.

You can only vote via Facebook for this FedEx grant. We need YOU to Click Here to Vote for Rock Scar Love, then share via Facebook and Twitter.

Help Result:

Winning the grant will enable Rock Scar Love to accomplish the following:

1) Expand their product line

2) Build a larger network of distributors in the retail market

Myself and Steamfeed are really excited about this new endeavor to help others. Please go vote for our first promoted business, be sure to use the #SMrebelsHelp hashtag, attend the weekly chats and share the love by helping others!

5 Priorities Every Social Media Program Should Have

I want to start this post with a little bit of clarity by defining the term “Priority”. Webster’s say’s it is something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives. One thing I have learned in life is that no matter what comes out of your mouth, your actions will always follow your true priorities. You can say this or that are a priority, but if your actions show something else, you have a problem.

social media prioritiesOne reason that many newcomers to social media marketing lack priorities is not because of laziness or lack of desire, it is simply lack of knowledge – the understanding of what tasks actually need to have priority in their day.

Often times businesses struggle with not only understanding all the in’s and out’s of social media marketing, but more importantly where they should prioritize their time and efforts. This often results in new social media marketers over pitching what they do, or worse, giving up and abandoning their social media efforts. Let’s avoid both by listing the top five priorities your social media marketing efforts should focus on each day.

These are in no particular order of importance, however all of them should be given priority and attention daily.

1) Value – Provide value to your target audience.

Your daily focus should be to deliver selfless value to your target market. How can your social media marketing provide value to your audience? Answer that question without regard to what you do, what you sell, or the industry you are in. Answer and execute that question correctly and you will see huge results!

2) Content – Have enough content and the RIGHT content.

Think of social media as a freeway. All of the cars on the freeway are content, posts and articles. You have to have enough content on the road everyday that is relevant, valuable and interesting to your target audience. You need to make sure that whenever one of your fans, friends or followers step up to the side of the freeway throughout the day, they see one of your cars go by.

3) Be Human – People build relationships with other People.

A big mistake a lot of new social media marketers make is trying to mimic the big brands. For the most part, big brands SUCK at social media. They do not do it right and for many, they don’t have to. They have spent billions on branding and marketing well ahead of the social media boom, therefore it is just another channel. Everyone else needs to do it right if they want results!

You have to humanize your social media accounts. Most people connect and build relationships with other people. Can you really have a relationship with a logo of a company you don’t even know? Of course not. Be human and approachable.

4) Respond/Engage - Social media marketing is social.

You must make it a priority to respond to mentions, shares and comments immediately. When someone shares a post or mentions you in social media, they are available and active at that moment. You need to respond quickly in order to foster a conversation that leads to relationship. Waiting for once a day or an hour later is just too late. They have moved on, logged out or even lost interest. If you aren’t utilizing mobile apps to ensure you can consistently do this, it is not a priority to you.

You also need to have a priority of commenting, sharing and mentioning your target audience frequently. Relationships are two ways. Seek opportunity to benefit your prospects by sharing their content, engaging them in conversation or simply commenting on something they post.

5) Community – Build one.

Your social media marketing must have a priority focused on building a loyal community. That community must be large enough to be effective. Find your target audience and follow/friend them. Build it and they will come does not work in social media.

As you can see, social media is highly involved. Understanding the priorities you need to have on a daily basis is the difference between being IN social media and having an effective social media marketing program for your business.

What is your biggest priority in social media? Please leave a comment below!

Occupy, Tea Social Media Party?

As I was pondering my recent series and individual blog articles about the current state of the social media industry and its perceived leaders, I was amazed how many additional articles about fake followers, fake experts and buying likes followed across the web. In no way do I believe that I started such a writing frenzy, however it is clear that both social media users and social network users are getting fed up with these so-called leaders.

This grass roots ground swell started as a simmer, then seems to have taken on a more revolutionary tone. As this increased, it amazed me how many of these authors, speakers and non-engaging “experts” started to like my posts on Facebook, RT my Twitter posts and comment all across my social space. Coincidence? Probably, but extremely interesting nonetheless.

Social Media RevolutionThere’s a Social Media Revolution???

Just in case you are reading this and are unclear what is meant by revolution: The social media revolution we are seeing can be described as; Real social media professionals who are taking the message and stage back from the fake, celebrity, authors and speakers that the media elected out of their ignorance to the industry, in order to preserve the industry’s future and long term effectiveness.

It recently hit me that there are some clear parallels between this social media revolution and both the Occupy and Tea Party movements. STOP! I know what you are thinking, but this is NOT political, so don’t even go there. I want to stay outside of the political  ideologies and emotions, and instead frame the discussion around the movements themselves.

Consider some of these comparisons:

  1. Inspiration for movements were from average people
  2. Perceived injustice was the driving force behind the movements
  3.  No real leadership for the movement, yet the message resonated and grew
  4.  A desire to guard the future
  5.  Anti-establishment centered

These are not all of the parallels by any means, but I wanted to name a few that quickly came to mind as I thought about this.

What else can we learn from these parallels? I mean, what else about the Occupy and Tea Party movements can we observe and apply to the social media revolution to make it better or overall more effective?

Take Aways:

  1. Don’t let the movement die…
  2. Lack of a consistent message

My challenge to you, the reader, is to do your own research and choose carefully who you lend credibility to in this space. Does that speaker actually do what they say in their keynote speech, or are they just a great speaker? Does that celebrity author know social media because they have done it effectively for a brand, or are they just a celebrity that has a huge audience and decided to use that to sell a ton of books? Is that huge name blogger a social media professional or an incredibly talented traffic builder without any real experience doing social media marketing for anyone other than himself?

Does it even matter how you answer these questions? Hell yes it matters!

It matters for so many reasons, but let me leave you with a few:

If these are the people controlling the message, the training, the speaking gigs and book sales and have the largest audiences that are following, listening and doing what they suggest, then we have a problem. What they are suggesting is vague, not backed by any experience and won’t help their readers get real results.

The result? A total collapse of the industry. How?

  1. Newer businesses won’t adopt social media marketing.
  2. Average users and businesses will abandon the medium.
  3. Big brands will leave in mass.

Think about it…