A Turkey Full of SteamFeeders: Thank You!

Our team can be found all over the world. Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving today but it is a good reminder to say thank you to the people you care about. This is a co-authored post by the founders of SteamFeed (Daniel Hebert & DJ Thistle).

Thank You
Albert Qian (@AlbertQian) – Albert, we are grateful that you’re in our community. As one of the founding 20 authors, you’ve been with us from the start, and have only spread good words about SteamFeed; thank you!
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Anna Rydne (@CoSkills) – Anna, as one of our newest members, we are only starting to know you. We are grateful for the enthusiasm you’ve shown so far and your level of involvement in our special group. We love that you’re genuine; thank you.
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Anne Reuss (@AnneReuss) – Anne, you were so excited about SteamFeed right from the start. Thanks for introducing us to all sorts of information about new gadgets, books, and Tweet Chats (you even converted Robert, way to go!). Keep the enthusiasm high, we love you! Thank you.
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Anya Downing (@AnyaDowning) – Anya, we always appreciate the conversations we have with you over Twitter. We love your posts, and the custom infographics that you develop for them. You always go the extra mile; thank you.
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Carrie Keenan (@CarrieJKeenan) – Carrie, you’re our wonderful Schroeder and we love you for that. The creativity you bring to your posts is fun, informative, and inspiring. You always make us smile; thank you.
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David Schwartz (@1ad_dad) – David, thank you for your commitment to this group. Your knowledge and willingness to share and comment brings a tremendous amount of value to our community. We appreciate you more than you know; thank you.
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Derrick Jones (@djoneslucid) – Derrick, we appreciate the philosophical, and theoretical approach you take with your posts. You always bring a certain level of wisdom to SteamFeed, and we appreciate it; thank you.
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Robert M. Caruso (@fondalo) – Robert, what can we say! You were involved with us before SteamFeed was even being built. We want to thank you for your wisdom and guidance in shaping what is now SteamFeed. You helped us plant the initial seeds, create initial buzz, and get us our founding authors. Without that involvement, SteamFeed would probably not be where it is today. Also, we are grateful that you founded #SMRebelsHelp – it’s always good to give back; thank you.
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Gerry Michaels (@GettysburgGerry) – Gerry, you’re always eager to contribute to the SteamFeed conversation. We appreciate your involvement. Thank you for featuring us on your radio show, we appreciate it! Oh, last thing, you’re AWESOMESAUCE! Thank you.
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James Oliver Jr. (@JamesOliverJr) – James, my man! Thanks for being snarky! We love how you approach your stories, always relying on personal experience with your startup, WeMontage. We love that you go against the grain, and you always try to bring a sense of humour to SteamFeed; thank you.
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Jeff Howell (@JeffHowell76) – Jeff, your straightforward approach is refreshing and incredibly valuable. We thank you for all that you do and appreciate the time you put in to our community. We also appreciate you keeping the trolls away! Thank you.
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Kimberly Bordonaro (@Brandspiration) – Kimberly, What can we say? You’re amazing at what you do. You’re professional, creative, and you certainly know how to create engagement on your posts. You Rock! Thank you.
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Keri Jaehnig (@connectyou) – Keri, you are always so excited for everything, and ready to jump to new initiative. We appreciate all the support you’ve given us with the SteamFeeder of the week on Facebook; thank you.
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Kim Reynolds (@QRKim) – Kim, you know exactly what it takes to walk the talk! Your positive attitude and energy is very much appreciated. We appreciate the support; thank you.
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Kittie Walker (@TheIndigoGirl) – Kittie, the amount you care for people shines through in your posts and comments. You’re definitely an extremely valuable piece to our SteamFeed puzzle. We appreciate all that you do and thank you for your commitment to our community; thank you.
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Mallie Hart (@themediabarista) – Mallie, you started off as a SteamFeed evangelist in our early days, and quickly became an author! We appreciated the enthusiasm and support so much, we just needed to get you on board, no questions asked. You’ve continued to show that support and enthusiasm in every aspect of SteamFeed; thank you.
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Megan Harris (@mharriswriter) – Megan, you certainly know how to stand up for you and your fellow freelance writers! Your posts are informative and inspirational to all writers out there. Your time and input is very much appreciated to this community. Thank you!
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Paul Cooley (@PaulCooley) – Paul, you bring a certain charisma to each and every post you write for SteamFeed, and you’ve entertained us with your wicked podcasts. We want to thank you for taking the time to think outside the box, and providing us with feedback during our chats. We are working on some of these suggestions you’ve made as we speak! Thank you.
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Rachael Butts (@RachaelButts) – Rachael, we feel that with every post you contribute to SteamFeed, we learn a little bit more about you. Thanks for showing us your personality, and for providing us with all these awesome WordPress tips! Our site gets better with every suggestion you make! Thank you.
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Randy Bowden (@bowden2bowden) – Randy, much like the other founding authors, you were enthusiastic about SteamFeed before the site was even launched! And that enthusiasm has not diminished one bit. We appreciate all of the contributions you’ve made to our community so far, and looking forward to continued success with you; thank you.
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Ray Hiltz (@newraycom) – Ray, thank you for jumping right into the conversation since you joined the group! We appreciate the knowledge you bring, and your niche experience with Google Plus. A lot of us can and will learn from you; thank you.
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Rich Cottle (@rcottle86) – Rich, your series on guerilla marketing is informative and valuable to our community. Your professionalism and knowledge is greatly appreciated. We appreciate the time you invest in SteamFeed; thank you.
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Sean Smith (@rantingincr) – Sean, as one of our newest member, you jumped in full force, and fit right into the #SMRebels family! We appreciate the enthusiasm, and looking forward to learning more from you! Thank you.
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Steven Hughes (@sbhsbh) – Steve, your insight into blog promotion cannot be overlooked. Your network is deep but the time you give to individuals in our community is incredible. We look forward to getting to know you better! Thank you.
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Susie Parker (@susie_parker) – Susie, thanks for your time and commitment to our community. I know we all appreciate your thoughtful comments and creative posts. We appreciate all that you do; thank you.
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Cheri Plett (@cheriplett), Martin Jones (@martinjonesaz), Phil Gerbyshak (@PhilGerb), Jennifer Kane (@JenKaneCo) – our newest additions to the team. We don’t know much about you yet, but we are looking forward to learning a lot more through your involvement with SteamFeed. We appreciate the interest you’ve shown so far in the community; thank you.

We also want to take the time to thank our community for supporting, reading, and sharing our wonderful authors’ articles.

Make sure that you take the time today to stop and reflect on what you’re grateful for, and thank the people that you love. Share the love with your friends and family, and have a safe and happy holiday!

Daniel Hebert
Daniel Hebert is an award-winning graduate of Mount Allison University. While he studied marketing, his favourite subject was learned outside the classroom: Social Media Strategy. Daniel has been a social media manager in the B2B sector, and now has his own blog. Daniel’s social media presence has gotten him a lot of attention in his local community, which has lead to guest speaking events. It also led to others writing pieces about his social media approach, including articles from Ragan Communications, Media Bistro, and Chris Dessi, CEO of Silverback Social. Daniel has an entrepreneurial, self-motivated attitude, which has led him to be a finalist in one of Canada’s top business competition for students. If he wasn’t a marketer, he would take his love for food and become a chef. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Daniel Hebert

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DJ Thistle
D.J. Thistle is a co-founder of SteamFeed, a blog that focuses on the latest trends in social media, technology, and marketing. His passion in technology is only rivaled by his desire to connect with others through social media. He has been a featured speaker multiple times on how to get started in social media at various wine industry events. He has spent the last 8 years teaching in public and private schools in Massachusetts and California. He is happily married and enjoys every moment of raising his beautiful daughter.
DJ Thistle

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  1. ideagirlmedia says:

    Dan & DJ,

    What a lovely post! It is great to see us all on the same page, and how each have contributed in special ways. You truly have created something special here!!

    I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this magnificent team, and look forward to all that will be.



  2. Jeff Howell says:

    Thanks guys! I'm so thankful for the chance to be a part of this amazing group of people. I appreciate Robert suggesting me as an author. Eternally grateful. And I'm excited to see Jennifer Kane contribute. She's amazing.
    Here is to many more years, authors and real social change.

    • Daniel Hebert says:

      Thanks Jeff! We're glad that Robert referred you as well! :) Thank you for your contributions, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. rayhiltz says:

    I love social media!
    Steamfeeders is a great example of how it facilitates collaborations and friendships from all corners of the world and all types of people.
    Daniel, we've known each other for awhile and watching your progression is an inspiration.
    Thanks for introducing me to DJ. and and the fellow contributors to the site; and giving me another playground to play with our other mutual friends.
    To DJ and my other US friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Daniel, here's an excuse to enjoy some more turkey and to everyone else, thank you for your support and wisdom.

    • Daniel Hebert says:

      Thank you for the kind words Ray! I love the camaraderie that we developed over the past year.

      It is a pleasure to have you part of the SteamFeed group! Hope you get a chance to eat some turkey today, even though it's not Thanksgiving in our neck of the woods! :P

  4. Randy Bowden says:

    Very proud to be involved with SteamFeed and the outstanding slate of authors. Humbling and energizing! As I like to say GoodJob Daniel and DJ and let’s keep steamrolling…

  5. Kim Reynolds says:

    Wow! Thank you so much. What an incredibly kind and thoughtful post. I am absolutely honored to be one of your #smrebels. This experience has been so much MORE than I had initially envisioned. I’m truly thankful to be a Steamfeed author and I’m excited to get to know you all better in the days ahead. Happy Thanksgiving! Kim

  6. GettysburgGerry says:

    Pretty hard to put into words, proud, honored…the list goes on. What you have created is awesome. I agree with Keri, it is nice to see us all on the same page. I am envisioning a Steamfeed event with all of us meeting in person…that would be awesomesauce…..thanks guys, You've got my full attention and commitment.

  7. Kittie Walker says:

    Awww what a lovely post to come home to after an extremely wet and windy day on the trade show beat!

    I've met some great people on this journey and I'm looking forward to so much more over the coming weeks, months, and years – seriously I've never met such a nice, knowledgeable, and committed bunch of people in one group before – some truly amazing stories are beginning to unfold and be shared… appreciate you all :)

    Daniel and DJ you guys have done a brilliant job of putting this all together and steering the ship…

  8. Paul Cooley says:

    Thank you guys for the kind words!! This truly is an amazing group of people, it is an honor to be a part of the SteamFreed crew! :)

    Keep up the great work everyone!

  9. Albert Qian says:


  10. BrandEdu says:

    Congrats to DJ and Daniel on the early success of Steamfeed. Honored to be associated with such a great site, cause and group. Keep up the good work everyone. #smrebels

  11. Anne Reuss says:

    Sorry this is late, I'm just starting to plug back in after the holiday :) This added a big sweet touch to my day, thank you! What a kind post. I'm stoked to be part of the growing community and to become better friends with the gang. Hugs!

  12. Anya Downing says:

    I am truly amazed at this SteamFeed team and especially both of you! I know you will continue to grow this community and achieve that very vision you had from the start. Way to go!!

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