5 Priorities Every Social Media Program Should Have

I want to start this post with a little bit of clarity by defining the term “Priority”. Webster’s say’s it is something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives. One thing I have learned in life is that no matter what comes out of your mouth, your actions will always follow your true priorities. You can say this or that are a priority, but if your actions show something else, you have a problem.

social media prioritiesOne reason that many newcomers to social media marketing lack priorities is not because of laziness or lack of desire, it is simply lack of knowledge – the understanding of what tasks actually need to have priority in their day.

Often times businesses struggle with not only understanding all the in’s and out’s of social media marketing, but more importantly where they should prioritize their time and efforts. This often results in new social media marketers over pitching what they do, or worse, giving up and abandoning their social media efforts. Let’s avoid both by listing the top five priorities your social media marketing efforts should focus on each day.

These are in no particular order of importance, however all of them should be given priority and attention daily.

1) Value – Provide value to your target audience.

Your daily focus should be to deliver selfless value to your target market. How can your social media marketing provide value to your audience? Answer that question without regard to what you do, what you sell, or the industry you are in. Answer and execute that question correctly and you will see huge results!

2) Content – Have enough content and the RIGHT content.

Think of social media as a freeway. All of the cars on the freeway are content, posts and articles. You have to have enough content on the road everyday that is relevant, valuable and interesting to your target audience. You need to make sure that whenever one of your fans, friends or followers step up to the side of the freeway throughout the day, they see one of your cars go by.

3) Be Human – People build relationships with other People.

A big mistake a lot of new social media marketers make is trying to mimic the big brands. For the most part, big brands SUCK at social media. They do not do it right and for many, they don’t have to. They have spent billions on branding and marketing well ahead of the social media boom, therefore it is just another channel. Everyone else needs to do it right if they want results!

You have to humanize your social media accounts. Most people connect and build relationships with other people. Can you really have a relationship with a logo of a company you don’t even know? Of course not. Be human and approachable.

4) Respond/Engage - Social media marketing is social.

You must make it a priority to respond to mentions, shares and comments immediately. When someone shares a post or mentions you in social media, they are available and active at that moment. You need to respond quickly in order to foster a conversation that leads to relationship. Waiting for once a day or an hour later is just too late. They have moved on, logged out or even lost interest. If you aren’t utilizing mobile apps to ensure you can consistently do this, it is not a priority to you.

You also need to have a priority of commenting, sharing and mentioning your target audience frequently. Relationships are two ways. Seek opportunity to benefit your prospects by sharing their content, engaging them in conversation or simply commenting on something they post.

5) Community – Build one.

Your social media marketing must have a priority focused on building a loyal community. That community must be large enough to be effective. Find your target audience and follow/friend them. Build it and they will come does not work in social media.

As you can see, social media is highly involved. Understanding the priorities you need to have on a daily basis is the difference between being IN social media and having an effective social media marketing program for your business.

What is your biggest priority in social media? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. T Henderson says:

    Good article!

  2. Nicely done Robert. All great points, your final point is one I stress constantly. If you respond too late, (especially to a customer service request) you have lost them. Time tables in social media move much quicker than IRL (in real life). With the advent of the mobile device,, smartphone, everything is now, now, now….attention spans are shorter. Good job Sir.

  3. Randy Bowden says:

    Nice post Robert, on point! It still baffles me how many rush into the “free” channels with lofty expectations and have never developed an overall marketing plan! We learn new tactics in the social space everyday, making adjustments as we go, but the key is being active and genuine as you shared.

  4. @undefined says:

    Very well done Robert. I would only add that before you put these vital priorities in place you need to have a communication strategy to begin with, namely aligning your business goals and objectives with your social media tools. Also to know where your audience lives so you are not wasting your time talking to the birds or face palming when your customers are not there. It takes a tremendous amount of research to put together an effective program. Jumping into social media before you have your program goals in order will not only waste your time, resources and budget but possibly impact your business reputation.

  5. BrandEdu says:

    Well done Robert. Great points here, in particular I like your point about larger brands. They are not the ones to follow or emulate, I agree they don't need to because most view social as just another medium. The businesses that have the chance to significantly impact their bottom lines are small business, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

    • bundlepost says:

      So True David. The big brands are mostly horrid at Social Media and don't have to do it right. Great points!

  6. Mallie Hart says:

    Are you talking to me? If you don't know to whom you are speaking, you certainly can't craft a message that builds trust, interest and a shared ideal. All are kinda sorta important to the relationships that build and bolster social media marketing.

  7. Robert-

    I like to go “backstage” to meet new people I follow. So I’m here, in back of your tweets. This post let’s me know you know your subject and suggests I’ll probably learn a thing or two from what you have to say.

    I don’t think I’ll have a problem with this one:

    3) “Be Human – People build relationships with other People.”



  8. Ernie Arias says:

    Very interesting post Robert. Just read it and will bookmark it for later analysis and study. Please allow me to bang all the share buttons! I feel compel to share it with my network!

  9. ideagirlmedia says:


    Excellent points! And, I'd say – The recipe to success.

    The one that speaks to me the loudest and where I think tooo many do not consider "Response" and time elapsed from question or concern posted to the time the page owner/admin responds.

    This is a form of customer service. Especially on Facebook, it's a way to showcase what you're capable of in person. If you can't respond online, how will potential customers believe you will respond to them offline?

    Social Media is just an arm to what is real life.

    Always awesome, you are!


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